Bead Kit Hair bead in Silver

  • Hair pony beads.
  • Braiding/Crafting Hair Beads
  • Silver Colour



Bead Kit Hair bead in Silver

  • Hair pony beads in silver
  • Braiding/Crafting Hair Beads in silver
  • Silver Colour

Braids and Beads Defining Beauty in Black Communities

It goes without question that I am a fan of hair jewelry and accessories, especially for braid styles! Hair accessories have been around for centuries, from feathers, to wreaths, to hair bands, and flowers. Decorating a woman’s hair has always been a beauty statement, just as important as makeup is for today’s generation.

“Just about everything about a person’s identity could be learned by looking at their hair,” Lori Tharps, co-writer of the book Hair Story told BBC Africa about early African braiding practices.

Different cultures have their history of hair beads and accessories, used as markers of social standing. The Victorians mourned their loved ones by wearing hair jewelry. In those days it was considered improper for a woman to have loose strands of hair around her face, meaning that hair pins were frequently used to hold the hair back. West Africa is popular for it’s hair beads which are a key part of the cornrowing process, which originated in West Africa but quickly spread throughout the continent, before being brought over to the rest of the world. The Japanese and other Asian countries wore hair forks and chopsticks. The sticks, which were sometimes more of a fork, would be used to hold long hair in place, after it had been wrapped around the head and then knotted.These accessories were worn in Japan well into the 20th century, but they slowly died down after that because they chose to do European hairstyles, along with clothes, instead. Hair forks and sticks can be traced back to other cultures, too.

Native Americans made use of hair accessories made from a variety of different natural materials, and were usually always carved in quite an elaborate way, giving them a very ornamental look. Ornate headdresses and breastplates would be worn for participation in special ceremonies. Turquoise is especially important to many southwestern Native American tribes.

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